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Happy New Year. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the Almighty God for seeing us through the year. For all his goodness, underserved mercies and kindness, all we can say is we are thankful and humbled by what the Lord has done. To him belong all the glory.

I also wish to commend you all in a heartfelt manner for your hard work, your sense of urgency and commitment to your duties that saw this college maintain its place as a revered institution. The energy you brought to bear on your duties is laudable. Your enthusiasm is worth emulating and for that I’m very grateful.

Whiles I candidly commend you, I also know there’s more room for improvement. It is therefore my humble appeal to everyone that in spite of the successes we accomplished together, we can still approach our duties this year with an invigorated sense of purpose and more urgency in order to achieve far more than we did in the previous year.

I am open to creative and innovative suggestions from everyone as to how to improve performance. I will welcome anyone who wants to come to me with useful and constructive suggestions. Our ultimate goal is to see to the progress and advancement of this institution and we are all an integral part of the process that would help the college attain its lofty ideals and sublime aspirations.

I’ll also add that we are very concerned about your wellbeing and welfare and I’ll do all within my capacity to ensure an environment that is motivating, inspirational and rewarding and that will bring the best out of each one of us.

I urge each one of us to continue to play their role with selfless commitment. Let’s all do an objective self-assessment and self-introspection and in areas where we excelled, let us aspire to do better in areas where we fell short by any objective standard. Human as we are, let’s identify our short comings, make the necessary corrections, improve, and aspire to do better. In areas where we excelled let’s work at maintaining that standard or even exceeding our own expectations and that of the college.

I also urge all students to work harder in their endeavor.  Discipline, focus, commitment, diligence, respect, civic responsibility, punctuality and others must be the hall mark of every student to make mother Franco remain the best institution.

Our ultimate goal as a team is to maintain our status and reputation and remain the cynosure of all eyes.

Let’s work together to make this year a year of exceptional performance.

Let’s work together to make the year a year of unforgettable productive service.

Let’s continue to raise the bar, and to set high standards of performance for ourselves and for the college.

Let’s work together to make this year a year of matchless output in our endeavors and for the college

Let’s make this year a very memorable one for us all and for the college as we work together as a team and as we continue to trust God to see us through.

Pro-Deo Et-Patria

Long live Mother Franco!

Long live Mother Ghana!

Hohoe (V/R), Feb. 10, GNA – Mr Raphael K. Kwashie, Principal of the St. Francis College of Education (FRANCO), Hohoe has entreated students to make prudent use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools to change their status, especially their academic lives.