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Hohoe (V/R), Feb. 10, GNA – Mr Raphael K. Kwashie, Principal of the St. Francis College of Education (FRANCO), Hohoe has entreated students to make prudent use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools to change their status, especially their academic lives.

“I advise you to focus on the positives that ICT present, by using it to enhance your learning and research work. Be extra careful of social media which can easily distract you from your studies when used imprudently.”

Mr Kwashie, speaking at the 14th Matriculation Ceremony of the College in Hohoe for 568 students, noted that there was the tendency for the younger students to get carried away by the freedom they enjoyed in school.

“The freedom you now have means that you must make decisions on your own and act maturely because you will be held individually responsible for all your actions and inactions.

You have been nurtured well for this day by your parents, family, and teachers. Many of your loved ones have sacrificed so much so that you may enjoy the privilege of tertiary education. Honour their sacrifice by behaving responsibly and making the most of this extraordinary opportunity.”

The Principal urged the students to read and pay attention to the content of the students’ handbook as it contained rules and regulations that governed their conduct at the College, adding that “every aspect of the rules and regulations in the handbook apply to all students of the College and are binding on all.”

He called on the Matriculants to show respect to their colleagues and those ahead of them as well as staff and also be modest and decent in their dressing.

“We have zero tolerance for any form of misconduct and we do not hesitate to sanction.”

Mr Kwashie also called on the students to make time for social activities like excursions, scholarly lectures, sports and religious activities if so inclined and also take advantage of other co-curricular activities and programmes in the College to keep themselves lively “but do not allow these activities to make you lose sight of the main reason why you are here.”

“I urge you to make maximum use of the resources and facilities placed at your disposal. You have some of the best tutors in the world teaching you, visit the library regularly, attend lectures regularly, complete your assignments on time and take part in all interim assessments.”

Mr Kwashie noted that the College administration was aware of the inadequacies in terms of infrastructure and facilities and was working to improve to make life on campus more comfortable for students.

“As a result of financial clearance granted the College, some limited essential staff have been recruited. Labourers, cleaners and security guards. These are however still woefully inadequate to take care of the sanitation and security matters of the College. As Level 100 students, you will therefore continue to take care of cleaning your immediate surroundings and portions of the College.”

He advised the students to be very security conscious and should not hesitate to report any suspicious activities and persons on campus to all in Authority.

The Principal warned the students to stay clear of occultism, hooliganism, alcohol and substance abuse, prostitution and all forms of social misconduct and misbehaviour as any breach of the oath they had voluntarily taken would attract appropriate sanctions.

He reminded students to endeavour to pay their fees to enable the College to run smoothly and also provide the needed facilities to make their stay in the College comfortable since “the main source of funding for the College is students’ fees.