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UHAS, St Francis College Mark International Women's Day

Dr Adwoa Kwagyiriba, Principal of St. Francis College of Education has said the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the phase of education with technology taking centre stage in teaching and learning.   She said parents especially fathers needed to formulate policies that would ensure the bright future of their wards while admonishing women to be supportive.   She was speaking at a symposium to commemorate the 2023 International Women’s Day, held by the Fred N. Binka School of Public Health, University of Health, and Allied Sciences (UHAS), and the St Francis College of Education.   The symposium was on the theme: “DigitALL: Innovations and Technology for Gender Equality.” 

 Dr Kwagyiriba urged the youth to make effective use of technology and integrate the positive aspects of digitisation in their education including research.   Panelists spoke on “Leveraging Technology to improve women’s access to education and career advancement” and “Impact of mobile money as an example of technology for everyday people”.  Dr Joyce Der, Lecturer, Fred N. Binka School of Public Health, UHAS, said women needed support and encouragement to strive in their various fields adding that women must also develop and empower themselves.  She noted that technology had also brought creativity in teaching and learning, holding of conferences and meetings locally and internationally.  Dr Der admonished the leverage on simple technologies including Google calendars to make work easier and simple.  

Madam Faustina Dofui Desewu, Tutor, Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Hohoe, noted that although there was a digital mode of teaching and disseminating information, internet accessibility was always a challenge.   She noted that it was also important for parents to inculcate the use of technology in their wards at initial stages, ensure their wards knew its importance and most essentially, monitor how they use the technological gadgets. 

Mrs. Janet Valerie Datsa Agbotse, Hohoe Municipal Director of Education, Chairing the occasion noted that despite all efforts to improve upon the progress and growth of women, the men had also been supportive.   Madam Iddrisu Murjanatu, a trader noted that the availability of digital platforms such as mobile money had saved time, cost, and energy in transacting businesses.  She noted that her products were normally displayed on her WhatsApp status and could transact business with her customers.  

Mama Dzitri II, Vice President, of the Hohoe Municipal Council of Queens, noted that the digital platforms had helped women in sharing business ideas as well as enhanced patronage for their goods and services.   She however called on telecommunications providers to intensify education on activities of fraudsters to make the platform free and safe to use.  

 Dr Forgive Awo Norvivor, Lecturer, Fred N. Binka School of Public Health, UHAS, noted that digital platforms had helped women in marketing and advertising their goods and services which had improved businesses. 

She noted that a downside of the digital platforms is not being able to interact with customers to physically advertise products.  Dr Norvivor noted that purchase or order of goods were delayed since it had to take someone on the platform where the goods were advertised to order a product.

By Edward Williams Hohoe (V/R), GNA 



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