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The St. Francis College of Education held its 15th Orientation Ceremony for fresh men and women who gained admission into the College for the 2022/2023 academic year. The ceremony took place from the 24th to the 27th of January, 2023 at the College auditorium. A total of 310 students, who are the 5th batch of the Initial B. Ed Programme, took part in the program.

The orientation of fresh students in any new academic institution marks a successful beginning of an institution’s session as it assures the new students of their perceived environment and also helps them to prepare for a successful career with a clear vision about what lies ahead and what can be achieved at the end of their course.

 The College Secretary, Mr. Clement Kantam Kolamong, in welcoming the fresh students on behalf of the Principal congratulated them for gaining admission to the most prestigious College of Education in Ghana. In emphasizing the purpose of orientation for fresh students, Mr. Kolamong indicated that “this program is designed to orient you to St. Francis College as you begin this journey. You will be informed on the academic, social, and personal development opportunities available to you and the many resources to help you find advice and make good choices”.

According to the College Secretary, “the goals of this orientation are: to make all new students feel welcome; facilitate a smooth transition to College; build a strong and inclusive community of students; to make new students comfortable in their new environmental contexts; and to provide a solid foundation for a successful College experience”. He admonished them to hold the opportunity in high esteem and study hard to finish well in the next four years.

As part of the program for this year’s orientation, the College Secretary took the students through:

Fundamentals of Trespass (Assault, Battery, intentional interference with property, Nuisance, False imprisonment; Defamation). Fundamentals of Sexual Offences (Rape; Defilement; Indecent Assault; Carnal or unnatural carnal knowledge of imbecile/idiot). Fundamentals of Dishonesty and related Offences (Unlawful Entry; Trespass; Stealing, Stealing by Finding; Dishonestly Receiving; Robbery; Fictitious trading; Forgery). Fundamentals of Narcotic Offences (Unlawful possession or control of narcotics drugs on campus; Prohibited business relating to narcotics on campus; Offences of purchase of narcotic drugs on campus)

Other important topics led by various facilitators included: College Regulations; an overview of Academic Regulations; Observing Personal Security; Supported Teaching in Schools” (STS), Surviving the Challenges of College life; Gender issues, and Sexual harassment among others.

The students had the opportunity to interact with Academic Staff and Students Affairs Officer and the Hall Wardens. The fresh students were also allowed to interact with the Police, Fire service, and some financial institutions. The orientation program afforded the fresh men and women the opportunity to know their environment while they got ready for their new tasks.

It is imperative to emphasis that this batch of student were not mandated to come to school with school uniforms. As such, what students wear for both academic and social life on campus is optional. However, the College has put in place a Dress Code Policy which enjoins students to dress decently for all academic and social programs. This major shift in policy marks a new dawn in the history of teacher education so far as the College is concerned.


Story by
Public Relations Officer, Franco

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